Live biotherapeutics

Genetically engineered commensals
for small cell lung cancer

Synthetic live
the next
generation drug.

Elive Bio-therapeutics is a company incorporated in the US since 2019. The company is founded by a team of Internationally experienced, successful serial entrepreneurs from the bio-pharmaceuticals space. The companies robust Synthetic Biology platform is customizable for insitu production of drugs using commensals. The highly programmed commensal with safety and expression circuits will produce an existing FDA approved anti-cancer drug for pre-clinical studies in the Pulmonary Cancer space.

Elive Bio's Team & Advisors

Murali Panchapagesa, PhD,

- Founder

Three decades of serial entrepreneurship spanning synthetic biology and drug development in pulmonary applications have enabled ushering in new age Programmed live biotherapeutics with a special focus on human lung levering cutting edge synthetic biology

Chitra Murali

- Cofounder

Nutritionist. Investor and Philanthropist.

Shriram Raghavan, Ph.D,

Computational biologist who led discovery programs at global pharma majors with various drug targets and disease areas gives the much needed impetus to be constantly on the prowl to explore alliances, manage collaborations, strategic partnerships with prospective bio-pharma technology seekers

Stanley Goldman, Ph.D

Decades of experience as synthetic biologist, biothreat defence expert, discovery and development of vaccines and biological therapeutics. Prior experiences at Maxygen, Phyllom, Navy Medical Research Centre, Evolva, Fraunhofer.

Phillip Polakoff, MD,

Advisor to US Government on public health, part of Stanford school of medicine and board member of several startups guides EliveBio in its mission on targeting the right next steps.

Bobba Venkatadri, Ph.D,

As a General Partner to leading life science investment firm Ventureast and with years of pharma experience across USA and Europe, including Cancer Genetics, J&J, Merck all helps in guiding EliveBio in getting the right networking and strategic directions.


Incorporated at:

16192, Coastal Highway, Lewes, Delaware 19958, County of Sussex, United States of America

Shriram Raghavan